Transition to the Seventh Year

The student’s local secondary school is determined by the primary school. The student has a right to apply for some other school as well regardless of area borders.

Parents or guardians of the students will be informed about the transition to the seventh year during the turn of the year. Information sessions will be held in secondary schools in January.

Applying for another school

If the parent or guardian would like to get the student into other than their local secondary school, they should submit an application through the Wilma system on the internet. The deadline is in January, but the specific date will be announced separately. The receiving school will select the students and announce their decisions in February.

If the student does not go to school in Turku, the parent or guardian does not have the rights to use the Wilma Turku system. In this case they should contact the school they wish to apply to. If the use of Wilma is not possible, a printed form should be delivered to the desired school within the application period. Non-residents (persons not living in Turku) can only apply for one school in Turku.

Criteria for selection

The student places in a school are filled in the following order:

  1. students from the student area of the school
  2. students from the local co-operation area; the length of the student’s way to school is taken into account
  3. students living elsewhere in Turku; the length of the student’s way to school is taken into account
  4. students resident in other municipalities; based on the non-resident applications and if there are places left

If there are special classes in the school, the students will be selected based on separate criteria. The first to be selected in after the students of the local student area are students who were accepted through the selection examination. More accurate information about the selections can be inquired from the school in question. Classes using separate selection criteria can be found on the Special Classes page.