Individual Student Welfare

Individual student welfare includes

  • school health care services
  • student welfare psychologist and social worker services
  • multi-disciplinary student welfare that relates to an individual student

The aim of individual student welfare is to monitor and improve the student’s

  • development
  • health
  • well-being
  • learning

It is important to secure early support and to prevent problems.

Individual student welfare is based on

  • the student’s participation, wishes and opinions, taking into account the student’s level of development and other personal conditions
  • open, respectful and confidential interaction
  • avoiding haste so that the student feels they are being heard
  • regulations about confidentiality and handing over information

Specialist multidisciplinary team

  • is always based on the written individualized consent of the student and also the guardian if need be
  • with the student’s or guardian’s consent the group may include a school nurse, school social worker, psychologist, doctor, guidance counsellor, teacher, special education teacher, or some other key person in that situation
  • additionally, the group members have the right to ask for advice from specialists when necessary
  • the person whose duty it is calls the team together, acts as the chairperson and gets the written consent of the student and/or guardian
  • often the team is called together by the school social worker, psychologist, nurse or doctor, but other members of the team can also call the team together
  • the person in charge makes sure that the meeting is recorded in the student’s personal student welfare report, which is stored in the way stipulated by the law
  • the student welfare report includes the following information:
    • the student’s name, social security number, place of domicile and contact information
    • name and contact information of the guardian or other legal representative
    • date of the entry, and name and position of the author
    • people who participated in the meeting and their positions
    • subject and initiator of the issue
    • procedures implemented during the determination of the student’s situation
    • implemented procedures, including co-operation with various quarters
    • previous and current supporting measures
    • particulars about the processing of the issue in the team meeting
    • made decision and the plans for their implementation
    • quarters responsible for the implementation and follow-up