School Transport

According to the Basic Education Act the student has a right for free school transport if the way to school is longer than 5 km or it takes longer than 2,5 hours (3 hours for over 13-year-olds). The transportation benefit may also be granted based on the dangerous nature of the way or on an expert opinion that the way to school is too difficult or tiresome compared to the health or developmental level of the student.

School transport is organized primarily with public transport. In special cases it is also possible to use charter transport. The same school transport application form is used to apply for both the school bus card, which entitles the use of public transport, as well as for charter transport. The Service Area Directors of the Education Division make the decisions about school transports.

If transport is granted

The parent or guardian will be informed about the decision during summer. Transport schedules will be distributed in the beginning of term.

If transport is not granted

A negative decision will be sent home. It is possible to appeal with a written complaint to the Administrative Court of Turku. Instructions concerning the claim for a revised decision are appended to the decision. The claim for a revised decision is subject to a charge.