Support for Learning and School Attendance

Support for learning and growth is part of high quality basic education. Support for learning and school attendance is available for all students. Forms of support include the student’s pedagogical support, guidance and student welfare. The student has a right for early, systematic and proactive support. The support received by the student must be flexible, persevering, and it must transform according to the student’s needs. Different forms of support can be used singly or in conjunction with others so that they complement each other.

Student welfare includes promoting and maintaining learning, good mental and physical health and social well-being, as well as activities improving their preconditions. The aim is to create a healthy and safe learning environment, to protect mental health, to prevent exclusion and to promote the well-being of the school community.

With the multifold support of learning and growth every student is guaranteed a possibility to succeed in learning, to develop as a learner and to become an educated person.

The school social worker offers help in matters concerning:

  • motivation
  • absence from studies
  • concentration difficulties
  • bullying
  • loneliness
  • controlling emotions
  • friendships

You can contact the school social worker on the Wilma web interface. 

Please contact the school psychologist if you are worried about:

  • stress
  • feeling low
  • anxiety
  • sleep problems
  • difficulties with regard to learning and concentrating

The student, the guardians, someone from the school personnel or another person/partner who is working with the student in some way, can contact the school psychologist. You can contact the school psychologist on the Wilma web interface. 

You can contact the school nurse about problems or issues concerning:

  • growth and development
  • sleep/sleeping
  • food/eating
  • sports
  • mood
  • health check-ups
  • vaccinations

You can contact your school nurse on the Wilma web interface. 

Contact the student counsellor if you are worried about:

  • study skills and school attendance
  • self-knowledge
  • further studies
  • vocations, fields of education
  • working life

You can contact the student counsellor on the Wilma web interface.