Part-time Remedial Teaching

Students who have difficulties in learning or school attendance have the right to get part-time remedial teaching alongside other teaching. Part-time remedial teaching is given to students who have, for example:

  • linguistic or mathematical difficulties
  • learning difficulties with single subjects
  • difficulties with studying skills
  • difficulties with people skills
  • difficulties with school attendance

The aims of part-time remedial teaching are to strengthen the students’ preconditions for learning and to prevent difficulties with learning and school attendance.

Part-time remedial teaching is given with flexible arrangements as simultaneous teaching, small group teaching or individual teaching. The objectives and contents are integrated into the other teaching received by the student. The school informs the students and guardians about the forms of part-time remedial teaching. They will receive information about its significance to learning and school attendance. Students are obligated to participate in part-time remedial teaching.

The student, guardians and the teacher together

  • evaluate the need for support
  • plan the implementation of teaching
  • evaluate the effects of the teaching

Part-time remedial teaching is given at all levels of support. During intensified support the importance of part-time remedial teaching usually grows.