Pedagogical Support

A student has a right to get adequate support for growth and learning immediately when there is need. The support given to a student must be:

  • flexible
  • planned with patience
  • able to transform according to the student’s needs

The need for support may vary:

  • from temporary to constant
  • from low to high
  • from one form of support to many

In all schools the students are given general, intensified and special support according to their needs. Support is given for as long as and at the level it is being needed. Primarily, support is given to a student in their own teaching group and school through various flexible arrangements.

The forms of support will be decided together with the student, their parent or guardian and teacher. What the student and parent will commit to and how the school will support the student’s growth and development will be agreed in co-operation. The evaluation of the student’s progress and need for support, as well as the support planning, are part of the regular co-operation between home and school.

The starting points of organizing support are the strengths, development needs and learning needs of each student and teaching group.

Attention must also be paid to:

  • accessibility of learning
  • prevention of learning difficulties
  • early identification of learning difficulties

Different forms of support will be used singly or together with others so that they will complement each other.


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