Basic education means general education for the entire age group and it covers school years from 1 to 9. Basic education is free of charge and its objective is to provide the abilities and competence for the studies of the next education phase. Teaching is based on the accepted curriculum.

Basic education is organized based on the students’ period of life and their skills in a way that promotes the students’ healthy growth and development. The student has the right to get teaching based on the curriculum on every school day, to get guidance counselling, and to get support for learning and school attendance immediately when the need arises.

Compulsory education

All children who reside permanently in Finland must participate in compulsory education. As a rule, the compulsory education begins on the year the child turns 7 years old and ends when the compulsory education has been completed or ten years has passed since the beginning of compulsory education.

Education and upbringing are both tasks of basic education. The aim of basic education is to support the students’ growth into humanity and society membership, as well as to offer them skills and knowledge that are useful in life.

In years 1 to 6 teaching is usually given by class teachers who teach all or most subjects. In years 7 to 9 teaching is organized as subject teaching so that every subject has its own subject teacher.