Development of Club Activities in Turku

The healthy growth and development of students is supported in co-operation with parents, teachers, personnel of student welfare and other interest groups.

Turku started in the project for developing club activities in 2008. Funding has been received as grants from the Finnish National Board of Education (75%) and the organizer of training (25%). Grants are sought for the project annually.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to maintain and develop club activities in the comprehensive schools of Turku
  • to support versatile, low threshold leisure activities and to support the growth, learning and participation of children and the youth
  • to increase the co-operation between various regional operators as well as between home and school

The aid is given to schools as club hours.

Interest groups include:

  • sports clubs
  • parents willing to participate in the development (e.g. parent associations)
  • co-ordinators of the Sports Services
  • student welfare teams
  • co-ordinators of the School on the Move project
  • student associations of schools e.g. within the frameworks of participation clubs

Additional Information

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