Environment Trail

All students in the comprehensive schools of Turku can participate in the Environment Trail. Primary school students will be invited to the Environment Trail once per school year.

  • Environment Trail for years 1 to 4 is carried out at the Tammenterho nature school in Ruissalo.
  • Sixth year students will explore the waste management and recycling of the area during their Environment Trail.
  • The tour meant for sixth year students and the recycling guidance aimed at years 1 to 3 are organized by Turun Seudun Jätehuolto Oy.

Secondary schools have received equipment for studying the local environment. The Environment Trail is organized in co-operation with partners offering environmental education in the Turku region.

In the Environment Trail the student gets first-hand experiences that will further the development of a positive relationship with nature and environment. Students will learn to evaluate the effects of their own consumption and everyday routines on the environment and to choose courses of action that are in accordance with sustainable development.


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