School on the Move

The new curriculum encourages the improvement of school culture

A change in school culture requires that the voice of children and young persons can be heard in the school community. Schools implement the operating culture of School on the Move programme according to the national objectives.

More comfortable school days

Doing things together and taking students into the development work of schools contributes to the comfort at school. Registered schools get materials and practical tips about how to make school days more comfortable and functional.

Physical activity improves learning

Functional moments and sporty occasions during lessons contribute to the learning of all age groups. There are videos about sportiveness during lessons on the Tuubi website of TOP Centre. The page is no longer interactive but one can still watch the videos.

Joy of exercise during breaks

Fun games during breaks with good friends and good equipment invigorates both the mind and the body. The equipment procurements and sports instructor training of the School on the Move programme give all schools equal possibilities to develop a sporty school culture.

Taking technology along to promote exercise

Devices measuring daily activity have been acquired for the use of comprehensive schools with the funding of the School on the Move programme. Devices can be reserved from school sports instructors.

Exercise as a way of life

Daily exercise improves the well-being of children and young persons, so students are encouraged to adopt a sporty and active lifestyle. Turku continues to participate as a national city of School on the Move.

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