Language studies

Joint language studies

In Turku basic education, pupils normally start studying their first foreign language in the 3rd grade with an A1 Language which is English, except in bilingual education. Some schools provide early A1 Language education, starting already in the 1st grade. In addition to A1 Language, B1 Language is obligatory for all, and starts in the 6th grade. The B1 Language here is Swedish.

Elective languages

Pupils have the possibility to choose an A2 Language starting in the 4th grade. The alternatives are Spanish, French, Swedish, German, or Russian - and English for pupils in bilingual education. In some of the schools, A2 Language education is also available as distance education. The size of a starting A2 Language group must be at least 14 pupils at the beginning of the 4th grade.

In addition to an A2 Language, pupils can start a B2 Language in the 8th grade. As their B2 Language, Turku pupils can study Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Latin, French, German, Russian, or Estonian. However, Latin exceptionally starts already in the 7th grade. The minimum size of a new B2 Language group is school-specifically discretionary and can vary each school year.

The selection of elective languages varies throughout schools, which is shown below accordingly to co-operation areas.




Established in the curriculum, the education hours provided for different languages depend on the grade level, as shown in the table below. In addition to language education, schools support the pupils’ linguistic and cultural skills through other activities, which is also reflected in the school club selection and multidisciplinary unities.

Number of hours of language education