Exercise during Breaks

Break activity volunteers in primary schools

  • Break activity volunteers are trained during autumns in co-operation with the Department of Teacher Education in Turku
  • The target group is the students of the 5th and 6th years
  • The aim is to promote exercise during breaks with a ‘peer instructor’ principle

Break baskets

  • Contain equipment suitable for break activities
  • In primary schools every class has their own break basket
  • In secondary schools the equipment is school-specific
  • The baskets should be restocked on a regular basis

Yard work party weeks

  • Schools are encouraged to clean up and mend their yards during autumns / springs
  • Students have a chance to paint sporty paintings on the school yard – ask for the paints from the school exercise instructor

Structural changes in school days

  • By regrouping lessons it is possible to get longer breaks and in this way include longer periods of activity into every school day