Religious and Ethics Education

The student studies either a religion or ethics. Turku organizes teaching of Evangelical-Lutheran, Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Islamic religions, as well as ethics teaching.

When the student participates in religious education the school year report will not mention which religion’s curriculum the student has followed. If the student has been exempted from religious education at school because they receive their religious education in their own religious community, religion will not be marked on the school year report as a subject.

Whether the student will study a religion or ethics as a subject will be determined by what religion they have marked on the population register. The student normally participates in the teaching of their own religion if it is available. Alternatively the student can participate in the teaching of Evangelical-Lutheran religion.

  • Students belonging to an Evangelical-Lutheran congregation always study Evangelical-Lutheran religion as a subject.
  • A student who belongs to a religion that is not taught in the schools of Turku can choose to study either Evangelical-Lutheran religion or ethics.
  • A student who does not belong to any religion registered in Finland can choose to study either Evangelical-Lutheran religion or ethics. On request of the parent or guardian the student can also study Orthodox, Roman Catholic or Islamic religion if it better answers the upbringing or cultural background of the student.