Day Care Alternatives

Turku offers day care, preschool education and playschool activities for children under school age. After parental leave the child can stay at home care or go to municipal or private day care.

1. If the child is being looked after at home they can participate in playground or playschool activities.

In playgrounds and playschools the child will play with other children of the same age under the supervision of the personnel, whereas in an open day care centre the child and the parent/guardian participate in the activities together. Playground or playschool activities do not affect the home care allowance granted for under 3-year-old children and other children under school age that are looked after at home.

2. You should apply for a place in municipal day care at least 4 months before the child will need it.

In addition to day care centres you can choose family day care, where the child is looked after at the childminder’s home, or three-family day care, where a municipal childminder works at the children’s homes.

3. For a place in private day care please contact the private childminders in family day care, private day care centres or group family day care centres directly.

4. The City of Turku offers municipal allowance in addition to the private day care allowance for under 3-year-old children.

A service voucher will be granted for children in private day care. You can apply for a service voucher with the same application with which you apply for a place in municipal day care.

5. Preschool education is meant for all children under school age one year before they start school.

The duration of the free preschool education is at least 700 hours per year, that is, approximately four hours a day.

6. The day care fee is determined based on the family’s income.

The maximum day care fee is 283 euros.