Day Care and Preschool Enrolment

With the day care application form you can apply for a place in municipal day care, municipal family or three-family day care, or a service voucher for private day care. You should apply for a place at least four months before the beginning of your need for child day care. If you need a day care place because of sudden employment, training or studies, you should apply at least two weeks before the beginning of your need.

Before submitting the application, please think of three alternative day care centres and choose your desired district where the day care centre should be located. When applying for a preschool, pick one that is closest to the child’s future school. In the preschool application you should always choose a day care centre regardless of whether the teaching will take place in school or day care facilities.

To apply for a place in private day care, please contact a private childminder, group family day care or a private day care centre directly.

Applying online

New application for day care or preschool education

Without electronic identification a new customer can:

  • submit a day care application
  • submit a preschool enrolment
  • estimate the family’s day care fees

Electronic service with bank identifiers

After identification with bank identifiers the customer can also:

  • change contact information such as phone number and email address
  • agree on the highest day care fee, in which case there is no need to submit income information
  • cancel a place in day care
  • cancel a place in preschool in the middle of the year

Contact information

Early Childhood Education Service Guidance

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Day Care Enrolment