Private Day Care Allowance

The preconditions for receiving private day care allowance are that the child is under school age and is in private day care instead of municipal day care.

The following are considered as private day care providers:

  • A private day care center
  • A childminder in group family day care
  • A private childminder
  • A nanny who is hired by a family to work at their home

You can receive private day care allowance until the end of July of the year your child starts school.

The allowance is paid directly to the service producer. The amounts and grounds for the allowance can be found on the website of the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). The private day care allowance consists of a care allowance and a care supplement, which depends on the family’s income. In addition to the statutory allowance, Turku pays municipal allowance for full-time day care (over 25 hours of day care per week).