Accidents and their Compensation in Early Childhood Education

In emergency situations call 112 and act according to instructions given on the phone.

The City of Turku has taken a voluntary group accident insurance that covers children at day care. An accident is a sudden and unexpected incident that causes an external bodily injury. The day care unit reports the accidents immediately to the insurance company.

Instructions in case of an accident

  • The parent or guardian should first pay the treatment costs caused by the accident and then apply for compensation from the insurance company either by email at or by regular mail at If Oy, PL 2026, 20025 If.
  • Include the following information in your message: child’s name, child’s social security number (without the latter part), bank account number and name of the person to whom the compensations will be paid, and a list of paid invoices and amounts.
  • The insurance will compensate health care costs at public sector rates, so you should use the services of public health care.

You can get additional information from the manager of the day care unit in question or from