Private Day Care Services

In the City of Turku there are private day care centres, group family day care homes and private childminders which are all monitored by the municipality. Contact the day care provider directly to apply for a place.

For private day care allowance and municipal supplement please contact the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

Options of private day care

  • Private day care centres
  • Group family day care (two childminders look after a maximum of eight children)
  • Private family day care
  • Also a nanny who is hired by a family to look after their child in their home and who is not a member of the family is considered to provide private day care

The majority of private day care centres in Turku have a service voucher in use for their day care and nursery school activities.

Language-oriented day care centres are usually private.

Municipal supplement in Turku and fees

Under 3-year-old in full-day care

  • Day care: 660 €/month
  • Group family day care: 645 €/month
  • Family day care: 430 €/month
  • Hired childminder: 440 €/month

Over 3-year-old in full-day care

  • Day care: 400 €/month
  • Group family day care: 465 €/month
  • Family day care: 270€/month
  • Hired childminder: 360 €/month


  • Day care: 215 €/month
  • Group family day care: 185 €/month
  • Family day care: 125 €/month
  • Hired childminder: 165 €/month

Service voucher

In case a family has chosen private day care the municipality grants them a service voucher. The value of the service voucher is determined by the age of the child, the period of care and the income of the family. The family pays the remainder of the service fee after the value of the service voucher has been subtracted.

In the City of Turku the service voucher is used for:

  • day care and playschool
  • private language-oriented day care centres

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