Day Care Fees, Financial Support and the Service Voucher

Municipal Day Care

When the child is granted a place in day care, the family is asked to submit an income statement either through the electronic service or by mail. If, however, the family is willing to pay the maximum fee, no income statement is needed. An entrepreneur is asked to submit a form for entrepreneurs in addition to the income statement.

The following matters have an influence on the amounts of municipal day care fees and service vouchers:

  • Size of the family
  • Period of care
  • Absences
  • Income before tax deduction

Monthly fees

  • One child in day care: 295 euros (maximum fee)
  • More than one child in day care: first child 288 euros (maximum fee), second child 118 euros (maximum fee), other siblings 20% of the highest fee
  • The lowest monthly fee is 28 euros, and families with very low income are exempted from payment
  • If the child attends part-time, the fee is smaller than the full-time fees

A fee calculator to estimate the day care fee for a child

Private day care

The fees in private day care vary. Inquire about the fees directly from the day care centre or private childminder.

Private day care allowance

Private day care allowance is granted by Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) for families that have chosen either

  • private family day care, or
  • private group family day care.

The prerequisites for receiving private day care allowance are that the child is under school age and does not have a place in municipal day care. In addition to the statutory municipal allowance you can receive private day care allowance until the end of July of the year your child starts school.

Municipal supplement in Turku

Under 3-year-old in full-day care

  • Day care: 600 €/month
  • Group family day care: 585 €/month
  • Family day care: 390 €/month
  • Hired childminder: 400 €/month

Over 3-year-old in full-day care

  • Day care: 360 €/month
  • Group family day care: 425 €/month
  • Family day care: 245 €/month
  • Hired childminder: 330 €/month


  • Day care: 195 €/month
  • Group family day care: 165 €/month
  • Family day care: 115 €/month
  • Hired childminder: 150 €/month

Service voucher

Changes coming into effect regarding income limits for early childhood education fees and the sibling discount, starting from 1 January 2018.

In case a family has chosen private day care the municipality grants them a service voucher. The value of the service voucher is determined by the age of the child, the period of care and the income of the family. The family pays the remainder of the service fee after the value of the service voucher has been subtracted.

In the City of Turku the service voucher is used for:

  • day care and playschool
  • private language-oriented day care centres