Early childhood education and day-care for children with an immigrant background in Turku

The city of Turku offers multicultural early childhood education, which means that all children are taken into account equally and fairly regardless of age, gender or colour. In day-care services, the aim is to provide children belonging to cultural minorities with the opportunity to grow up in a multicultural society so that they can become a part of both their own cultural environment and Finnish society.

A child's cultural background and Finnish language proficiency level are taken into account in the planning and implementation of activities for children’s groups. In day-care, the child gets to know Finnish culture, learns the Finnish language and participates in a social group. Parents are encouraged to speak the child's first language at home, as this is the basis for learning Finnish.

The family of a foreign-language child is entitled to the necessary interpreting services. The family’s wish for either a Finnish or Swedish speaking day-care place will be taken into account. The day-care place is applied for in accordance with the day-care application guidelines. We cannot guarantee that a place can always be found at the nearest day-care centre.

Language-oriented day-care centres offer the opportunity to learn foreign languages in a Finnish cultural environment. All language-oriented day-care centres are private providers. The municipal day-care unit Rehtorinpelto has English-enriched groups. Private day-care centres which operate in other languages in Turku are the French-language l'Hexagone, the English-language Wendy House and Daycare Daisy, the Russian-language Miska-talo, and the Russian- and Estonian-language Kielipesä. You can apply for a service voucher for the private day-care centres.


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