Studying in Upper Secondary School

The goal of upper secondary school education is to give students wide-ranging all-round education. The upper secondary schools in Turku put emphasis on common responsibility for everyone and co-operation and interaction with the students' guardians.

Forms of studying in upper secondary school:

  • independently
  • in a group
  • online
  • distance teaching
  • multiform learning
  • Upper secondary school education is also offered for adults in the adult upper secondary school in Turku (Evening High School)

School year and courses

  • The school year of upper secondary school is divided into five periods
  • Subjects are studied in courses that take 38 hours per course on the average for a period
  • The syllabus for one subject is composed of one or more courses
  • The number of given lessons in hours for mandatory courses is given in the national teaching syllabus or syllabus for special upper secondary schools
  • Summer school education is given for upper secondary school students and first-year upper secondary school students at adult upper secondary schools in the Turku region in June and August.

Upper secondary school diplomas

It is possible to complete diplomas in the upper secondary schools in Turku in the following subjects:

  • visual arts
  • physical education
  • media
  • music
  • theatre

For more detailed information about finishing upper secondary school diplomas please contact the upper secondary schools. The Finnish National Board of Education specifies the finishing instructions (additional information on the website of the Finnish National Board of Education in Finnish).