Courses Completed in Other Education Institutions

Earlier studies or courses that have been completed in some other education institution will be accepted as part of upper secondary school studies as far as they correspond with the contents of upper secondary school courses. You must always negotiate the course equivalences and accreditations with the upper secondary school to the studies of which you wish to add the earlier studies or courses completed elsewhere.

The student should have a certificate and a course exam or equivalent proof of accomplishment of a course completed in another education institution. They should be presented to the person who decides about the accreditations in the upper secondary school.

Courses of the following education institutions are automatically accepted to be added as part of upper secondary school studies in Turku:

  • the (daytime) upper secondary schools of Turku
  • summer school courses of upper secondary school
  • the upper secondary school of Turun Normaalikoulu
  • the Evening High School in Turku (adult upper secondary school)
  • the remote circle of Turku region: the distance courses of the upper secondary schools of Turku, Kaarina, Lieto, Mynämäki, Nousiainen, Raisio and Parainen, as well as Turku Vocational Institute

Accreditation of the courses of the following education institutions into the upper secondary school curriculum is case-specific:

  • Turku Vocational Institute
  • Turun Kristillinen Opisto
  • The Summer University of Turku
  • other possible education institutions

If the student transfers from daytime upper secondary school to evening upper secondary school (Evening High School), the percentual amount of finished daytime upper secondary school courses will be subtracted from the amount of courses needed to finish evening upper secondary school.