Kerttuli Upper Secondary School Sports Track

Over 30 sports are represented in Kerttuli Upper Secondary School. Sport-specific morning coaching is given in 14 sports with 23 sports coaches. The athletes of other sports participate in attribute training or train in ways that have been agreed on separately and according to programmes designed by their own coaches.

The sports oriented upper secondary school is open for all athletes of sports that organize competitions. A person studying in Kerttuli Upper Secondary School has a possibility to get into intensified training offered by Turun Seudun Urheiluakatemia as the student’s sports career advances. The intensified training is tailored individually by taking into account the needs of the athlete. Training during school days is made possible also in other times than in the morning training groups.


When applying to the sports track the prospective student gets points from three areas: the average of sports and theoretical subject grades in the comprehensive school final report, sports federation points, and applicability points. In addition to the upper secondary school subject choice card, the applicant must fill the athlete information form and submit it to Kerttuli Upper Secondary School sports track by 22 March 2016. Sport and attribute tests will be arranged for the applicants. The tests will be arranged for all applicants without a separate invitation on Thursday 14 April 2016 between 8.00 and 15.00 for all sports (“kasva urheilijaksi” or “grow into an athlete” attribute test). The test venues and more detailed times will be notified on the websites of Kerttuli Upper Secondary School, Turku Vocational institute, and Turun Seudun Urheiluakatemia closer to the test date. Each applicant must participate in the test. The highest possible score is 20 points, and the score comprises the average points (max. 10 points) and sports and applicability points (max. 10 points).

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