Puolalanmäki Upper Secondary School Music Track

In the music study track of the upper secondary school it is possible to add plenty of music courses of all sorts. Available are, for example, choirs, an orchestra, singing and instrument lessons, bands, composing, music expression and conducting. The selection varies annually.

The upper secondary school conducts international co-operation and the students get valuable experiences from tours abroad and while hosting return visits.

Puolalanmäki Upper Secondary School is a Unesco school and a permanent holder of Vihreä lippu. The school has twin schools around the globe. It also co-operates regionally with the Turku School of Music, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and Turku Conservatory.

Applying and selection criteria

Apply to the music-oriented upper secondary school through the joint application process. You get points for selection from the grade point average of your basic education certificate (max. 10) and music points (max. 10). The mandatory aptitude interview evaluates the musicality of the students and their suitability to upper secondary school studies.

The student must book a time for the interview by phone. The interview takes 10–15 minutes. Music certificates must be delivered to the office of the upper secondary school during the joint application period.

Additional information

Contact information

Aurakatu 11
20100 Turku

tel. +358 (0)2 262 9317