Turun klassillinen Upper Secondary School Expressive Arts Track

Turun klassillinen Upper Secondary School is a national upper secondary school of expressive arts (arts/communication). The expressive arts studies are composed of theatre, dance and media courses. Approximately 40 expressive arts courses are available annually. The syllabus of expressive arts is 12 courses. Students who complete the entire syllabus may leave out a maximum of 8 mandatory upper secondary school courses from their curriculum.

The teaching aims to develop the students’ skills of expression in a versatile manner and to strengthen their ability to communicate. Students can complete upper secondary school diplomas in theatre, media, visual arts, dance and music.

The teaching of expressive arts in our upper secondary school is professional and versatile. Our students are motivates and they quickly find like-minded friends.


Approximately 60 students are selected into the expressive arts track every year. Apply to the special study track through the joint application process. Students are selected based on the entrance examination and the grade point average of the theoretical subjects of the basic education certificate. The maximum of points from the entrance exam is 10. The form and topics of the entrance examination vary annually.

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