Turun Suomalainen yhteiskoulu Upper Secondary School Marine Track

The marine study track of Turun Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu Upper Secondary School emphasizes mathematical and natural science subjects, the Baltic Sea, sea environment and marine research, as well as seafaring and entrepreneurship. Also seafaring and tourism courses are offered as special courses.

One of the aims of the studies is to internalize the sustainable development of sea environment and to orient towards maritime postgraduate studies. The postgraduate studies can be related to marine industries, harbour functions, maritime trade, marine research and foreign trade. Co-operation between various education and research institutions as well as marine businesses offers students good possibilities to take courses in other education institutions as well as to get to know work and business life.

The marine study track has its own training ship, Lokki.


The joint application process takes into account the grade point average of theoretical subjects but weighs the grades of mother tongue, A1 language and mathematics. Weighing means that there grades are counted twice.


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