Adult Education in Turku Vocational Institute

The vocational education of adults consists of basic degrees, which are completed by passing the competence-based qualifications, and of further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications. Young persons and adults can study the same basic degrees. Vocational further education and training as well as continuing education are possible at different phases of career. In addition to education institutions, learning also takes place at workplaces. The joint application system is not applied to competence-based qualifications that are primarily aimed at adults.

Competence-based qualifications can be passed as different forms of education, such as the forms listed below.

Labour policy education

If you are unemployed or are at risk of becoming unemployed, you can improve your chances of staying in the labour market or getting back there. You must always apply for labour policy education through the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-office). Fill the electronic application form or send a printed version to the TE-office. Labour policy education is free of charge.

Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship requires a suitable job. Apprenticeship is based on a temporary contract of employment between the employer and the student who must be at least 15 years old. You can apply for apprenticeship training through an apprenticeship office. Apprenticeship training is free of charge.

Self-motivated education

A basic degree that is completed by passing the competence-based qualifications is free of charge. Fees that are charged for further and specialist vocational qualifications can be found on the education brochure.

Short-term training

By participating in short-term education you can update your know-how. Fees and contents can be found on the education brochure.