Did You Not Get a Study Place?

Various options available

You can apply to numerous Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) education programmes throughout the year.

You can also enquire about available study places directly from the institutions themselves:

  • Turku Vocational Institute’s service for guidance and applications, tel. +358 40 186 5208 (also on Whatsapp), ohjaushaku@turku.fi
  • The principals of Turku upper secondary schools for places concerning Turku upper secondary schools and special programmes
  • Educational institutions also announce available study places at www.opintopolku.fi

Preparatory education for vocational and upper secondary education, TUVA

The education is intended for those students who have completed basic education but have not yet completed upper secondary level education or who have not attended any other one-year preparatory training. TUVA's goal is to provide the student with the necessary skills and knowledge needed in order to move to a vocational education or upper secondary education. The education is free. TUVA is organised by Turku Vocational School and Turku Evening School.

Contact information:

Ideas for career planning

Turku’s Ohjaamo offers several services for people under the age of 30. Ohjaamo is an easy and straightforward service point in the centre of Turku at Käsityöläiskatu 10 (Työpiste). Ohjaamo offers student employment and guidance services, housing guidance and support for the student's well-being. At Ohjaamo, the Southwest Finland Employment and Economic Development Office (TE services) offers expert assistance when you are looking for a job or considering your career choices, including job search guidance, and training and career guidance.

Contacting Ohjaamo

NuortenTurku is a service point for information, counselling and guidance for all young people under the age of 29. Parents of young people, other people working with young people, and students of the field can also seek guidance at the service point.

Vamos Turku offers easy and straightforward individual and group coaching for young people aged 16–29 and living in Turku. The goals of the coaching are decided based on the needs and aims of those being coached. They can receive this support at home, at school and during their spare time. Individual coaching supports the growth, development and well-being of the young person involved. Group coaching is targeted at young people who need intensive individual coaching in order to help them through school and to support life management.

You can visit NuortenTurku and Vamos at: Yliopistonkatu 25 A 4th floor (in the same building as Yliopiston Apteekki).

Turku’s Työpiste helps and advises on employment. The main goal of Työpiste is to bring jobs and jobseekers together.

Additional education at basic education level

Turku Christian Institute, TUVA and completion of basic education.

Spesia Vocational Institute

Enquiries: guidance counsellors Vesa Tomberg (tel. +358 50 5935297), Veera Österlund (tel. +358 40 6268251)

Apply: www.opintopolku.fi 

For more information: spesia.fi

Additional information on the joint application process

Other services