City of Turku has updated political decision-making model in August 1st 2021. The City is leaded by the Mayor and three Deputy Mayors.

The City Council, with its 67 City Councillors, has the highest power of decision in the City of Turku. The City Councillors and their deputies are elected once every four years in municipal elections.

The City Board is responsible for the City’s administration and management of finances. It also implements the decisions made by the City Council. The City Board has 13 members selected by the City Council.

The agendas and minutes of the City Council, the City Board and the other administrative bodies are published online on their respective websites. The minutes are also on view at Turku-Piste (Puolalankatu 5); the minutes of the City Council normally on the Thursday of the next week after a meeting (between 9 am and 12 pm) and the minutes of the City Board on the second weekday of the next week after a meeting (between 9 am and 12 pm).

The privacy protection legislation limits the publication and storage of information concerning private persons on web pages. Because of this, some information on the agendas and minutes will be deleted after a maximum of one year, and information that is considered confidential by the legislation will not be published at all.

Older minutes are kept within the city archives.

Auditing functions evaluate the success of the City Administration and management of finances.