Participate and Influence

You have the right to receive information about how matters are prepared and decisions are made in your city and to get your voice heard easily. The City of Turku serves the citizens of Turku and operates responsibly in collaboration with residents, customers and cooperation partners.

Vote in the municipal elections

The highest decision-making power in the City of Turku is exercised by the City Council, which consists of 67 councillors. The City Council is elected by the city's residents in the municipal elections taking place every four years.

The City Board is responsible for the City's administration and financial management and executes the decisions made by the City Council. The City Board consists of 13 members chosen by the City Council. In addition, decisions are also made in committees and boards.

The public may observe Council meetings from the gallery at the City Hall, as live online broadcasts, and as video recordings published online after the meetings.

Make a difference through your group

There are seven influence groups in Turku that residents can contact regarding matters affecting them: the Turku Children's Parliament, the Youth Council, the Disability Council, the Council of Senior Citizens, the Multicultural Council, the Equality Committee and the Parliament of Sports Clubs.

The influence groups promote matters related to well-being, health, housing and sports, among other things.

You can also make a difference by participating in customer panels and discussion events and by taking surveys.

Give feedback

You can use the feedback service to send positive and negative feedback as well as suggestions on how the city should develop its services and operations, such as housing, public transport, health care, education, sports and culture. The feedback provides information on matters affecting the city's residents and helps us develop Turku into an even better place to live in.

Turku is active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Turku is Finland's number one city on Facebook. Join in and feel free to also open discussions on topical matters.