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Meetings 2019

23 Jan 17:00 City hall
27 Feb 17:00 City hall
26 Mar 17:00 City hall
24 Apr 17:00 City hall
29 May 17:00 City hall



Turku Youth Council supervises the interests of the youth and promotes their possibilities of participating and influencing in Turku.

The Youth Council consists of representatives from secondary schools, upper secondary schools, and vocational institutions in Turku, Turku Steiner School, Turku Normal School, and Turku International School. The term of office is two years. During the term 2018–2019 the council has at the moment 24 members and 18 vice members.

Turku Youth Council makes annual decisions about granting funding to projects thought up and implemented by youths, and, by its own discretion, establishes teams that can include members from outside the council.

Chairpersons of the Youth Council

Chairperson: Niklas Vaulanen
1st Vice Chairperson: Mette Hämeenaho
2nd Vice Chairperson: Tatu Alari

Secretaries of the Youth Council

Secretary: Eric Vara
Vice Secretary: Linnea Eerola

Spokespersons of the Youth Council

Spokesperson: Silja Pilto
Vice Spokesperson: Veera Sellgren