Lighting in the City Centre

The City of Turku is currently preparing policies on city centre lighting to steer lighting solutions in public areas in the city and facade lighting. The policies will concern, for instance, certain transport environments, walking routes, historical environments, landmarks and landscape areas.

Many of the lighting objects covered by these policies are somewhat permanent by nature but it doesn’t mean that their lighting solutions must be static. Variation of lighting in accordance with seasons makes urban space interesting and with modern technology, seasonal changes are easier to implement than before. In Turku, the Library Bridge and the Theatre Bridge are successful examples of how lighting can communicate with the point of time and surroundings.

In addition to seasonal lighting, the objective of the City of Turku is to improve the prerequisites for organising lighting events in the city centre. Lighting events have become more and more common in Finland and around the world. Also Turku wants to show local urban spaces and culture in a new light. We have built an impressive annual Path of Light compilation of light artwork to delight Turku residents and tourists. The next Path of Light starts on the weekend of 3 to 6 December 2022 with a large light event.