Old Town

The Old Town of Turku covers the historical city centre and university area all the way from Piispankatu to the Fortuna block. While the heart of the city centre is expanding, the Old Town will gain the position it deserves as a tourist attraction and as a European oasis of encounters.

The objective is to increase and diversify the selection of services and events so that the area is active all year round. This is a collaborative effort with local operators and city residents.

In the heart of Old Town is the Old Great Square, where a strong presence of the academic and Christian roots of Finland can be felt still today. Several buildings with historical value are located there, Turku Cathedral being the most impressive landmark of the area. Development work taking place in the area both honours history and draws from it.

Development progresses

The development of the Old Town will start in the area of Turku’s historical centre and the universities. It will extend from the vicinity of the Old Great Square all the way to Yliopistonmäki, bordered by the Aura River in the west and Hämeenkatu in the east. A development plan is currently being prepared for the area, which will provide the guidelines for the development work. The plan will be made openly and interactively with city residents and the users of the area.

In the autumn of 2020, there will be an open survey. In the survey city residents will be given the chance to share their views on the area. There will also be interactive events during which we will together explore the opportunities in the area of the historical centre and the universities more in depth.

The development plan will be ready during the spring 2021. Working together towards the goal are The University Properties of Finland ltd, The Åbo Akademi University Foundation, Parish Union of Turku and Kaarina, the City of Turku, University of Turku, Turku University Foundation, Turku Student Village Foundation and Åbo Akademi University. Assisting help is provided by Lundén Architecture Company and Demos Helsinki.

Plans and entities related to old town:

Further information: Project Manager Tuija Alihaanperä