Transport and Mobility in the City Centre


Further information: Project Manager Teemu Peltonen

Solutions related to transport and mobility have a significant role from the point of view of comfortability, accessibility and effortless mobility in the city centre. The accessibility of the city centre is improved and mobility within the city centre is streamlined by simplifying the transport system and use of street space. The City of Turku will also develop smart mobility as a comprehensive service in the form of Smart and Wise Turku collaboration.

The city centre of Turku will continue to be accessible by all forms of transport also but the drive-through transport hindering the attractiveness of the city centre will be directed to roads close by. In accordance with international trends and success stories of other cities, new street sections will gradually become more walking-oriented and cycling-oriented. Increasing sustainable mobility will help reduce emissions caused by transport and advance the climate objectives of the City of Turku, also making the city centre more comfortable.

The Travel Centre planned in Aninkainen is to become a new joint terminal for public transport, designed to improve the accessibility of the city centre and effortlessness of travel. The excellent location in the regional transport hub enables modern public transport connections and smooth transitions between different means of transport.