Vision for the City Centre of Turku


  • The multidisciplinary vision team that contemplated the future of the city centre in Turku published their vision for the city centre on 14 August 2017.
  • The multidisciplinary vision team was led by Professor of Futures Studies Markku Wilenius.
  • Architect Eero Lundén and his office have developed the vision team’s thoughts into a visual form.
  • The work has been supported by the open Turku Future Forum events that are still ongoing.

Presentation of the vision for the city centre (pdf)

E-book of the Vision for the City Centre

The commercial city centre expands, the Old Town turns into a European oasis of encounters and the eastern bank of the River Aura acts as a vivid platform for a new kind of combination of culture, restaurants and working. According to the vision team that has contemplated the future of the city centre, Turku has what it takes to become a globally significant city where exceptional archipelago elements and developed infrastructure create the necessary preconditions for comfortable housing and vivid economy and culture.

The key of the vision for 2050 is expanding the heart of the city centre and creating a user-oriented transport system supporting it and enabling growth. For their part, these measures are believed to steer development and investments towards the city centre.  

In the vision, the commercial city centre will expand from the surroundings of the Market Square towards the riverbank and the port in one direction and towards the university campus and Kupittaa in the other direction. While the heart of the city is expanding, its comfortability and vividness are boosted through various measures.