Turku started to expand into the delta of the River Aura in the 13th century. The River Aura remains the heart of Turku today, and there are many well-known sights, prestigious restaurants and comfortable hangouts along its banks. The riverbank and the culture and restaurant services alongside it attract people all year round but particularly in the summer.

Along with the renewing city and infill construction, the city centre will expand towards the river mouth and Port of Turku.  From there, the city reaches further towards the unique archipelago and the sea.

Linnanniemi connects the archipelago to the city centre

The City of Turku wants city residents to have access to the waterfront also on the western bank of the mouth of River Aura. The joint terminal planned for ship traffic will free up the land area comprising the port and Turku Castle for new kind of use.

The Linnanniemi of the future will be a hub of year-round urban culture, a place where you can simultaneously experience history, the sea and the most beautiful archipelago in the world. People are drawn there not only because of the castle but also thanks to the wide range of services, the outdoor recreation areas extending to the shore, the various maritime functions and the future Museum of History and the Future. The joint terminal will also open new opportunities for transport arrangements in the port and nearby areas. In the HUPMOBILE project, a comprehensive plan is created to develop transport arrangements in the port area.

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Further information: Project Manager Mervi Lehto