Are you worried about coronavirus or the limitations and changes it has brought to everyday life? On this site, you will find information on what to do if you need help for yourself or for your elderly loved one – or if you are simply looking for activities.

Up-to-date information on corona:


Through the phone service, you will receive guidance and counselling if you or your next of kin have worries about some daily life. Your call will be taken by service counsellor who helps you find the right services. You can also leave a contact request, in which case you will be called back.

Palvelun tarjoaa, johon on koottu ikäihmisten ja omaishoitajien palvelut koko Varsinais-Suomen alueelta. 


Falling ill

Coronavirus Vaccinations

Select your age group below to find more information about COVID-19 vaccinations:

Meal service and help for running errands in shops and at the pharmacy

Packed meals will be delivered to meal service customers who live in welfare centers.

If you are not a customer of home care and you need meal service with home delivery, please contact

  • Seniors’ helpline, tel. +358 2 262 6164, on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm

City of Turku grocery shopping help service

The service is intended for all Turku residents who cannot go to the grocery store because of the situation caused by coronavirus and have not been able to order items through online services, for instance. You can access grocery help through the municipal KomPAssi service by phone or online. After the initial contact, the customer will receive a call and they can list the groceries they need. The city will initially pay for the groceries and invoice the customer later. The time of the next grocery shopping service also be agreed on the phone.

Grocery shopping help service

KomPAssi – Customer service and counselling for the elderly in Southwest Finland:

For the time being, the grocery shopping service is free of charge. The shopping list may include food items and hygiene products. Frozen food, alcohol products, tobacco products or lottery tickets cannot be delivered. If an item is not available, it will be replaced by an item that is as similar as possible.

Also many pharmacies offer online services where you can order your home delivery for your medications.

Support for informal care

Service number for informal care +358 2 262 6777

  • Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri from 9 am to 11 am
  • Wed from 1 pm to 3 pm

Events and things to do online

Tips for exercise, recordings of concerts, theatre and other events are available online. Virtual events can be accessed from home.

Look for virtual events in Turku events calendar

Exercise tips online (in Finnish)