City of Turku

Guided tours in Turku

Turku is the oldest city of Finland and was founded in 1229. It is located in the southwestern Finland, by the river Aura. The first capital of Finland has during times been a highly important gateway to the west. Port of Turku is a significant commercial hub with busy ferry traffic to Sweden, and the airport offers flight connections all over Europe.

Events and sights attract plenty of domestic and foreign visitors to Turku. The city’s one-of-a-kind fea-tures include the river Aura that runs through the city centre, invaluable culturohistorical sites, as well as the widespread, strikingly beautiful Turku archipelago that opens up to the Baltic Sea.

The most distinguished attractions of the city are historic sights, ranging from the castle to the cathedral. The city hosts a variety of happenings throughout the year, the most well-known of them being summer events, such as the Medieval Market Week, Paavo Nurmi Games and the oldest rock festival in Europe, Ruisrock.

Come as you are

Turku is a modern European city with great possibilities for leisure time whether you’re attending events, going shopping, doing sports or just chilling down the riverfront. Small local restaurants offer mind-blowing gastronomic experiences and from the river boat bars there’s a spectacular view over the city.

It’s well worth either arriving early or staying behind after Europeade to get the best out of Turku and Finland. There are fabulous places to visit and amazing people to meet – give them a chance and be pre-pared to be blown away!

Turku has approximately 180 000 inhabitants which makes it the 5th largest city in Finland. Turku is officially bilingual, Swedish being the native tongue of 5% of its residents.

Say an unexpected “Hei!” to a local and you may find yourself in a lively conversation with this strangely fascinating creature, a genuine “Åbobo”. Also, bear in mind that the women in Turku are called the most beautiful in Finland for a very good reason...

Easy as pie

Turku is easily reached via Stockholm in Sweden. A flight takes under an hour and cruise ferries bring passengers to Turku overnight or during the day. Direct flights are available also from e.g. Riga in Latvia and Gdansk in Poland.

If you’re travelling by car, you may choose to use the Via Baltica, highway E67. It leads you through Poland and the Baltic countries to Tallinn, and further to Helsinki.

It is easy to reach Turku also from other locations in Finland. If you're travelling by car, follow E18 from Helsinki, E63 from Tampere, E8 from the northern coast or highway 25 from Hanko.
A bus or a train trip from Helsinki or Tampere only takes two hours, as does a flight trip from Oulu in northern Finland.

Arriving by own boat or by a cruise ferry allows you to admire the world’s most beautiful archipelago during the trip. Cruisers arriving in and departing from Turku are passenger ferries that carry hundreds of cars, campers and buses so you can also arrive in style – with your own vehicle.
In Turku you’re always in the centre of action as the city is very compact - most places are only a fifteen minutes’ walk away from each other!

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