Evaluation of the Service Needs

In the units of the Social Work for Families with Children, the social workers assess the service needs in cooperation with the client, with his or her relatives and with other actors in case it is necessary. Other workers of the team can also participate in the evaluation of the service needs of the client.

Every resident of a municipality has the right for the evaluation of the service needs based on the Social Welfare Act.

During the evaluaton of the service needs

  • we meet the family or some members of the family
  • we clarity the need for the support
  • we consider the opinion of the client of the service needs
  • we prepare a summary of the client's situation and the need for social services and special forms of support
  • we write down the conclusions of the professional of the social welfare concerning the need of the social services
  • we advise, guide and give support for the family

While evaluating the service needs we decide whether the child or the family needs social services, child welfare services or other support measures and how the family can receive the support they need.

The purpose of te evaluation of the service needs is that each family could find the needed support as soon as possible.