Jacob Hashimoto: Gas Giants and Uncertain Atmospheres

Jacob Hashimoto: Gas Giant

Jacob Hashimoto: Gas Giants and Uncertain Atmospheres

The museums galleries are filled with the works of American artist Jacob Hashimoto. 

Hashimoto's art blur the line between the works and the spaces that they occupy. This is the first time Hashimoto's art is extensively displayed in Finland. He is best known for working with light, kite-like elements, from which he contructs large-scale, minimalistic and colourful tapestries and installations. 

Limited opening times on August 16th

Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble will perform at WAM on August 16th. The concert will begin at 6pm. Due to preparations the exhibition will close at 5pm.

Event price: 

adults 10 €
children, 7–15 years 2 €
children, 4–6 years 0,50 €
children under 4 years have free admission
families 15,50 €


Event organizer: 
Wäinö Aaltonen Museum
+358 2 262 0850
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Itäinen Rantakatu 38, Turku
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