Exhibition Treasures of the Sea

Valoisa kuva merenpohjasta

Exhibition Treasures of the Sea

Marine nature is a part of the national landscape of Finland, but what is this landscape like under the surface?  

The familiar sea can surprise us with its colourfulness and complexity, as long as you have the courage to peer under the surface. The underwater world of the Finnish sea areas is extremely diverse compared to many other coasts by the Baltic Sea. They include a wide variety of different environments and habitat types, of which the Treasures of the Sea exhibition highlights but a few. The exhibition dives into the most valuable treasures of the Baltic Sea, with photographs leading visitors from the flowing sand bed meadows to the underwater forests by rocky shores and the aquatic jungles of sheltered bays. 

In addition to different biotic communities and habitats, the exhibition highlights key biodiversity indicator species that are important in terms of the entire Baltic Sea ecosystem and its biodiversity. These species, which include bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus), eelgrass (Zostera marina) and blue mussels (Mytilus trossulus), play important roles in the sea as maintainers of an extensive network of ecological interactions by providing food, living spaces and shelter for numerous other species. When key biodiversity indicator species suffer, the entire biotic community is at risk of collapse. 

What we do not know, we cannot protect   

The poor condition of the Baltic Sea is often discussed, but there are still breathtakingly beautiful places worth protecting on the Finnish coast. Diving under the surface of the Baltic Sea often awakens a desire to protect these unique underwater landscapes. In order for protection efforts to be effective, it is essential to raise awareness of marine species and the interactions between them. 

A large proportion of the photographs featured in the Treasures of the Sea exhibition were taken as part of the Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine Environment (VELMU). Since 2004, VELMU has been collecting information on underwater habitat types and the occurrence of different species and biotic communities in Finnish sea areas. This information is vital for both promoting the protection of Baltic Sea species and habitats and supporting the sustainable use of the sea and its natural resources. 

The results of the VELMU programme were published in a book entitled Meren aarteet (‘Treasures of the Sea’), which won the WWF’s Nature Book of the Year award in 2017. The results of VELMU surveys can also be viewed on the open VELMU Map Service.

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Exhibition brochure Treasures of the Sea (pdf)

Photo: Mats Westerbom.


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