Eye diseases out-patient clinic

The Eye Diseases Out-patient Clinic provides basic ophthalmologic care to Turku citizens of all ages. Appointments are by doctor's referral only. In some cases the school nurses may refer students to the clinic. During nights or weekends, patients should seek help at the on-call services of the Turku University Hospital Ophthalmologic Policlinic.

Patient groups treated at the Eye Diseases Out-patient Clinic are children with low vision or a squint, school-age children, diabetics, patients needing eyelid surgery, patients from the Turku City Hospital wards and elderly care.

Responsible organisation: 

Turun kaupungin hyvinvointitoimiala
Service classification: 


Outpatient Clinic of Ophthalmology

Turku citizens, by referral

The fee should be paid when registering for care. If

you are ill or otherwise prevented from attending, you should cancel the appointment on the previous work day no later than at 3 p.m.

There will be a penalty fee for an uncancelled, unattended appointment.

Service implementation: 

Self-produced services

Responsible organisation: 

Turun kaupungin hyvinvointitoimiala