Family and institutional care for persons with intellectual disabilities

Family care for persons with intellectual disabilities is organised either as short-term or long-term family care. Service in this case means 24-hour care in a private home.

A commission agreement is concluded with the family carer, which defines the content and duration of the care. The Welfare Division pays the fees and compensation for expenses for the carers in accordance with the agreement.

If you are interested in taking people with intellectual disabilities into short-term or long-term family care, contact Paletti's social workers or service advisors.

Institutional care

Institutional care is intended for persons with intellectual disabilities who need examination, rehabilitation or comprehensive assistance 24 hours a day. The goal is to not let anyone live permanently in the institution. Residents of long-term institutional care are charged a maintenance fee that is commensurate with their solvency.

Institutional care is carried out in units maintained by joint municipal authorities, mainly in the KTO, in the institutions of the joint municipal authorities of the Southwest Finland special welfare district and Kårkulla samkommun.