Family Mediation

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The statutory family mediation is a voluntary chance for parents to discuss when considering a divorce, making divorce arrangements or thinking the functionality of parenthood and co-operation after divorce. Securing the child’s position is especially paid attention to at the mediation.

Family mediation in Turku is available from the Child Upbringing and Family Counselling Clinic and Turku and Kaarina Parish Union’s Perheasiain neuvottelukeskus (Centre for negotiating family matters). The services of the Child Upbringing and Family Counselling Clinic are meant for families with children.

Family mediation is voluntary, free of charge, and statutorily confidential.

When to get help from family mediation?

Any family member can ask for family mediation when the family:

  • faces a threat of divorce
  • is under a reconsideration period
  • contemplates parenting arrangements after a divorce (e.g. where the children will live, when the children and parents can meet)