Forum Marinum Foundation

Fakts about Forum Marinum

  • Every year, Forum Marinum has one to three changing exhibitions.
  • Their collection of museum vessels includes two tall sail ships, four naval ships and several smaller vessels, ranging from a steam harbour tugboat to a police boat.
  • The museum vessels are open during the summer months and the exhibitions all year round.

The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is a centre for maritime activities, comprising a national special maritime museum, and the Finnish Navy Museum. The centre cooperates with universities, universities of applied sciences, museums, and other public and private actors. The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is managed by the Forum Marinum Foundation that was founded in 1998.

Board of the Forum Marinum Foundation (in Finnish)
Kaija Hartiala, Chair
Keijo Ketonen, Vice-Chair
Kettunen Pekka
Koivisto V-M / Liikenneministeriö
Vaara Jari
Westerlund Kasper

CEO of the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is Tapio Maijala.

Contact information of the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre.