The Funicular is the first outdoor inclined elevator in a Finnish city. The funicular offers unimpeded access to Kakolanmäki hill where there is no other public transport. The funicular will run between Linnankatu and Graniittilinnankatu at Linnankatu 55b. 

Travelling on the funicular is free of charge and it serves passengers on weekdays from 4:30 am to 01:00 am and on weekends from 05:00 am to midnight.

The funicular has a lower station and a top station at both of which you can get on or off.

The funicular complements the means of transport beginning with letter f in Turku. Near the funicular on the River Aura there is a 100-year-old city ferry called Föri, the funicular can be reached by city bike Fölläri and by regional public transport Föli bus no. 1 on its route between the harbour and the airport. 

A great view from the funicular to the other side of the River Aura




  • The stations and the rail surroundings of the funicular have been designed by Architect Pekka Vapaavuori, Leitner’s subconsultant responsible for architectural design and principal design, from Arkkitehtitoimisto Vapaavuori Oy.
  • The construction of the funicular started in March 2018 and its total cost is EUR 5.6 million.
  • The equipment has been delivered by Leitner GmbH.
  • The main contractor of the stations has been Kuntec Oy.
  • The opening of the funicular will take place on Friday 24 May.