Gentle exercise for overweight women and men

Count your BMI

Painoindeksilaskuri/Body Mass Index counter
Please note that the BMI readings are referential and serve as guidelines. The amount of previous exercise and level of fitness help in choosing the right exercise group.

Exercise not only supports other life habits but also helps in weight control and weight loss. Help and encouragement in adding more exercise to your lifestyle can be received from our weight control groups. The goal is to help find the joy of exercise and make it a fixed part of your life.

Use the BMI counter to help choose the right group:

  • Ihanaiset naiset and Raskas sarja are for those whose BMI is 30-34.9
  • If you have more weight than these ask for assistance from your local health center. The free of charge Pieni päätös päivässä - courses are meant for adults 20-65 whose BMI is over 30.