Making an Emergency Call

Finns and persons staying in Finland can get help in emergency situations by calling the emergency number 112. The police, rescue services, patient transportation and social services are all available in urgent need for help.

  1. Make the call personally if possible
    It is important that the call is made by the person who needs help. That person has information that the emergency response centre needs when determining the type of emergency response. A call made through intermediaries may delay the arrival of the response team.
  2. Describe the incident
    The emergency response centre asks for information about the incident, in order to be able to dispatch the appropriate response.
  3. Give the emergency centre the exact address and municipality
    There may be many similar addresses in different municipalities in the area of one emergency response centre. It is therefore important to give both the street address and the name of the municipality.
  4. Answer all questions of the emergency response centre
    The questions are all relevant, and they do not delay the dispatch of the response. In urgent cases, the centre alerts the appropriate response team and possible partnering authorities during the call and provides them with further information about the incident.
  5. Act according to instructions
    The emergency response centre staff are trained to give instructions appropriate to each type of incident. It is important that you follow the instructions. An appropriate first response often influences the outcome.
  6. Do not hang up before given permission to do so

    Hanging up too soon may delay the arrival of the response team. Hang up only after the emergency response centre gives you permission to do so. Keep your line available. The emergency response centre or the response team may need further information on the incident.

Direct the emergency services to the scene. Contact the emergency response centre again if the situation changes.

If the emergency number is temporarily busy, do not hang up! You will hear a taped message advising you to hold the line for a moment. The emergency response centre always answers calls as quickly as possible and in the order they are placed.