Services of Child Welfare Clinics

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Child welfare clinics serve all families with children in all matters related to child health. The aim of a child welfare clinic is to guarantee that the child grows and develops well and stays healthy.  A child welfare clinic helps families to understand that healthy ways of life are important for a child from the early years on. A child welfare clinic also guides families into making right decisions for attaining healthy ways of life.

The customership of a child welfare clinic starts when the child becomes two weeks old. The customership continues until the child starts school.

Appointment booking and guidance

Book appointments: +358 2 266 2223

You may contact the public health nurse on Monday to Thursday between 8.15 and 14.00 and on Friday between 8.15-11. Every first wednesday of the month 8.15-11. During the phone hour you can book appointments or ask for information. The number provides a call-back service; listen to the taped message until the end and act according to instructions, and a nurse will call you back as soon as possible.

Do not bring a sick child to the child welfare clinic.

Health Care does not answer individualized questions concerning patient treatment by email.