Child Welfare Clinics

Child Welfare Clinics aim to help people who are planning to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy, families expecting a baby, and children and their parents in making healthy and lasting everyday choices.

Child Welfare Clinics help families in matters related to health and perform health check-ups, among other things, according to national guidelines. In Turku the Child Welfare Clinics also function as teaching places for universities and vocational institutions.

Please note that the health care staff cannot respond to questions concerning personal patient treatment via email, because there are no protected email connections or electronic identification in use.


The open child welfare clinic is meant for Turku-based customers of maternity and child welfare clinics. No appointment is required at the open clinic, and you can use the services of any child welfare clinic in Turku during the open clinic’s opening hours. You can visit open child welfare clinics to:

  • listen to foetal heart sounds
  • have your blood pressure or urine sample examined
  • receive vaccinations that are part of the vaccination programme
  • book your first clinic appointment after moving to Turku

If your visit will take longer than 15 min, please contact the clinic’s appointment booking and contact number in advance at (02) 266 2223. If you require guidance regarding a child’s medical treatment, please contact your local health station. Further information about opening hours can be found in the “Units” section. Find out about exceptions to opening hours from your local clinic or the website.



Hämeenkatu Maternity Clinic

Äitiys- ja lastenneuvolan asiakkaille ilman ajanvarausta.

Service implementation: 

Self-produced services

Responsible organisation: 

Turun kaupungin hyvinvointitoimiala

Opening hours

Mon - Thu 08:30 - 10:30 and 12:30 - 14:30
Fri 08:30 - 11:00

Exceptional opening hours

Open Child Welfare Clinic